• Invest in and develop energy infrastructure to address growing global energy demand, with a focus on renewables in emerging markets.
  • Execute on asset development using intelligent investment decisions as a core driver.


  • Position energy assets in emerging economies to boost potential.
  • Leverage Indian energy assets and experience to expand into parallel energy opportunities

Halo Energie is an Independent Power Generation and Trading company. The company’s mission isto establish power plants in therenewable energy segment and to address the ever-growing world energy demand. As world development continues, population growth and technological advancements contribute to increasing energy demand. From 1990 to 2008, the IEA recorded an average energy use per person increase of 10%, while population increased 27%. Energy consumption growth grew 2% in 2011 alone. This current trend presents a profitable opportunity to enter the electricity market as an Independent Power Producer (IPP).

In order to address the global electricity demand, Halo Energie envisages to install utility scale power plants in locations allover the world. Halo Energie involvement in current Indian government energy policies has progressed the company’s IPP capability, resulting in obtaining permissions to construct Solar PV Power Plants, to a total capacity of 5 MW (Megawatts) inits early days of inception. Halo Energie has just begun realizing its growth potential through acquired interestfrom various State Governments for installation of Solar PV Power Plants.

Halo Energie believes thatsuccess of anenergy investment company relies on its ability to executeintelligent investment decisions. Halo Energie plans to take full advantage of various state renewable energy policies in India to maximize the business’s profitability. In addition, the company retains the competitive strategy of being able to adapt to the energy technologies thatare the most profitable andadvantageous to the business. While solar renewable energy in India is currently an excellent market to enter, Halo is constantly looking for future business opportunities to expand its generating capacity, in India as well as other countries.

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